Scientific Management Commitee

Last updated: 25 Nov 2019

The working group coordinators (WGCs) and the scientific project manager (SPM) compose the scientific management commitee (SMC). You can read the minutes of their meetings.

In view of the transition to ICON, a document has been prepared concerning the adaptation of the SMC to the new organization. It is available here.

The WGCs


The WG coordinators will be responsible toward the Scientific Project Manager for:

  • The consistency of the execution of the progress report of all the scientists participant to the work of their responsibility;
  • The presentation of an executive summary of all the progress of the relevant work-package
  • The formulation of the preliminary proposal for the work-package to be presented to the Scientific project manager and to the Steering Committee.

In general, the Scientific Project Manager (SPM) is the executive manager of COSMO and the chairman of the Scientific Management Committee. He is responsible toward the Steering Committee for:

  • Co-ordinating the progress of the different work-packages
  • Monitoring all the scientific deliverables within COSMO.
  • Chairing the meetings of the Scientific Management Committee
  • Establishing immediate corrective actions to the COSMO scientific program if required
  • Discussing with the Work-packages Coordinators the future work-packages to be presented to the Steering Committee for approval.

The WGCs and SPM formed the SMC in 2008. Before that, they were known as the "Scientific Advisory Committee" (SAC).

Currently, the SPM is () and the work groups and their coordinators: