What is a "Working Group" ?

Last updated: September 2011

COSMO's research and development work is distributed among its eight Working Groups (WGs). Each Working Group is specialized and tackles problems in a specific area. These Working Groups are:

WorkGroup coordinators receive administrative FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) for managing their groups.

The tasks of each WG (called work-packages), are proposed and discussed at the annual general meeting each September and then elaborated in a draft version by the work package coordinators. Then they are presented to the Steering Committee for final approval. The status of the work packages is discussed in two meetings of the Work Package Coordinators (normally taking place in spring and in autumn).

Annual work package tasks, are formulated in each Working Group's WorkList table. These tables describe the work packages planned tasks and their assignment for the "Cosmo" year, lasting from each September, up to next year's August. In these tables are listed descriptions, people involvement, time-schedule and status report.

In general, one Cosmo member country with one person will be aggreed on as 'main' responsible for each item on the list. In some cases there will be more persons from different institutions.

Other than "normal", there is only one level of "special" priority for a work group task, the  top  one. Tasks of top priority are directly related to and are required for the operational implementation and consolidation of the COSMO model.

In the individual pages of each working group you may find their "general" description, current memeber mails, current plans, workList tables (current and past) and news.